Our first bed together – Water Bed

When my wife and I first got married I had a king-sized water bed and my wife had a double spring mattress. To me, it was obvious that we should keep the king bed. She was not fond of the idea but she agreed that the larger size would be better. So our first Sleeping experience starts. The Health Benefits of Waterbeds

The First year

Well during our first year of sleeping in this king-sized water bed we sleep fairly well. I say we but any time I would get out of bed and my wife was asleep the movement of the bed would wake her up. This went on for a while until we got a dog. I’m guessing you can see how this is going to go. After about a month of our new dog and him jumping on the bed. You guessed it he put several holes in the bed. Easy enough to fix one or two small holes but not so much when there 3 claws marks on the corner.


The Patch and the New Dog

Well as we didn’t have the money to go out and buy a new mattress yet we did what anyone who wanted to keep their water bed and did not have the money to go get a new one. We just got a patch big enough to cover the gashes that the dog’s claws made in the bed. Can you believe that didn’t last long the dog made a couple of more punctures? My wife was finally like okay we have to get a new bed. And we went out to look for a new mattress and we thought we would get a new frame as well. But before we could buy a new mattress and frame my mother-in-law said we should save our money and she gave us a king-sized mattress and box spring. Great right?

The New Used Mattress!

We now have our second mattress together. After taking down the water bed frame; if you ever had one you know how much of a pain this could be we set up the new used bed. This was the first night I had slept on a box spring and mattress in years and the mattress was very firm. But we were saving money, right? I hated the mattress and it was not long before my back started to hurt. My wife was not sleeping well either but it was not as bad for her as this mattress was the same as she had before we got married just bigger.

Moving to a new State

After sleeping on our new used mattress for about a year we decided to move to Virginia where my parents lived and I had a new job. We thought this would be a great time to ditch the old box spring and mattress for another new used mattress that my parents said we could have. This mattress was not as hard but a little older. We keep this mattress for about 2 years before we started wearing sleeping spots into the mattress. So it was off to find a new mattress.

Our 12 Year Mattress

The 2-week Mattress challenge. On my days off my wife and I would go out to at least 2 different mattress store a day to test out what type of mattress we should buy. After trying out way more mattress than any 2 people should in 2 weeks we came across the

By Michael Rivera – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0

Sleep Number Bed store. This was the first time we had heard of them but we figured why not we were not happy with any of the mattresses in our price range and it looked like they had one that may work. So we tried out all three of the mattresses that they had to offer at the time. Even though we could only afford one. Sleep Number 500 was the bed we chose. The reasons we went with this mattress and the frame that they recommend was because we could both pick the firmness that we liked. I liked mine fairly soft and she liked hers a little more on the firm side. We ended up keeping this mattress for 12 years before I accidentally ripped the pillow to from the mattress. Advice to anyone that has a pillow top mattress does not move the mattress by grabbing the pillow top. Bad things happen.

Look for our pros and cons of our sleep number bed in the next post.

Pros and Cons Of Sleep Number Bed

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